What does the registration fee include?

This is the cost of attending the three-day conference. It includes a full weekend of relevant and engaging programming as well as lunch and dinner on Saturday. The conference starts at 8:00 PM (Eastern Time) on Friday and ends at 12:15 PM on Sunday. 

What should I bring to the conference?

Toiletries and any medications, smartphone or camera to capture great memories, warm clothes, and comfortable walking shoes in case your campus is doing an excursion on Saturday afternoon, and a traditional costume from your home country or semi-formal clothes for the Saturday night banquet. You will also need money for dinner on Friday night and lunch on Sunday as you are traveling to and from the Connect Conference. You will also want your debit/credit card or cash to buy books from our Book Table. You do not need to bring pillows, sheets, or towels - these are provided by the hotel. 

Can I bring my children with me?

Unfortunately, this conference is for college and graduate age students only. We cannot accommodate children. 

Who can attend the Conference?

We invite currently enrolled international and American students from all across Kentucky. While we introduce attendees to the Christian faith during this conference we gladly welcome people of any spiritual background. Church or ministry volunteers may also attend. 

How much are accommodations and how do I make a hotel reservation and make sure I have transportation?

Your local Baptist Campus Ministry will handle its own reservations and explain the cost. Also, if you are coming with a church, they would then be responsible for handling hotel reservations and transportation. If you are not coming with a BCM or a local church please let us know when you register. 

To whom do I give Part 2 of registration?

Turn in your signed forms to Baptist Campus Ministry. If you do not have or know of a BCM please click on the CONTACT button and let us know. Forms are due October 22, 2018.

I don't have a car or I don't drive. How will I get there?

Your local BCM or local Church will help you to find a ride with other students attending the conference. Contact your BCM directly for more information. You also have the liberty to choose to drive yourself. 

How do I make hotel reservations and what is the cost?

Hotel reservations will be made by someone from your local BCM. The cost will be about $25/night, depending on how many people are in your room. Contact your BCM directly for more information.  

What should my group do during free time?

Contact your BCM or local Church leader to discover free time options.  

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